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April 19, 2013 Mugs

APRIL 20--The North Carolina woman who leads off this week’s mug shot roundup was arrested Wednesday for car rental fraud. The 46-year-old appears to have been taken into custody at the beauty parlor. As for her fellow defendants, a few notes:

1) The laid-back Georgian on page #2 was locked up Sunday for obstructing officers and providing a false name; 2) After being nabbed Sunday in upstate New York for reckless endangerment, the 29-year-old woman on page #4 struck a sassy pose for jailers; 3) The 58-year-old South Carolina resident on page #5 clearly had to remove sunglasses before posing for her booking photo. She was popped Wednesday on a bench warrant; 4) The clammy Miami man, 37, on page #7 was busted Wednesday for grand theft and identity fraud. Sadly, those spaghetti straps only hint at his fetching undergarment; 5) The Louisiana man, 30, on page #9 was arrested Monday for violating probation on a prior forgery collar. As his shirt indicates, the suspect is a pastor; 6) The Chicago man, 25, on page #13 was nabbed Thursday for prostitution; and 7) Speaking of prostitution, the Miami woman with the gigantic diamond on page #14 was busted Sunday on the same charge. (15 pages)