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Clothesline, Perch Just Two Uses For Perp’s Hair

Can you think of other uses for suspect #12’s do?

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: May 2, 2014

MAY 5--The Iowa gentleman, 27, seen baring his teeth at the top of this week’s mug shot roundup was arrested Thursday for reckless driving and eluding police. As for his fellow suspects, a few notes:

1) The bloody Arizonan, 22, on page #2 was collared for assault and fighting (but you should have seen the other guy); 2) The Nevada woman, 43, on page #4 was popped Thursday for trespassing. As for her makeup, well, that remains a mystery; 3) Florida cops busted the 28-year-old woman on page #6 for a traffic violation; 4) The Georgian, 43, on page #8 was nabbed Thursday for shoplifting. After being booked into jail, he was free at last check; 5) Collared Thursday for pot possession, the Oklahoma man, 36, on page #12 appears to have gravity-defying dreads; 6) The sandy gent on page #13 was popped Monday by Miami cops for assault and disorderly intoxication; and 7) The butt tattoo on page #17 belongs to a 19-year-old Floridian who was jailed Tuesday on a probation violation charge. (17 pages)