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They Tried To Be Good, But They Got Busted

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Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: 9/19/14

SEPTEMBER 22--This week’s mug shot roundup opens with a topless guy puckering for the camera. The 50-year-old Floridian was nabbed Monday on a failure to appear charge. A few notes about his fellow suspects:

1) The 24-year-old Pennsylvanian on page #2 was jailed for possession of drug paraphernalia; 2) The Florida woman, 44, with the happening hashtag shirt on page #5 was popped for contempt of court; 3) The troll-haired South Carolina woman, 68, on page #7 was arrested for marijuana possession; 4) The unimpressed Tennessean, 23, on page #9 was busted Tuesday for prostitution; 5) The “bored” Floridian, 47, on page #10 was collared Tuesday on a variety of felony narcotics charges; and 6) Following his arrest Monday for drunk driving and attempting to flee, the 26-year-old on page #13 flashed his golden smile for Florida jailers. (14 pages)