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No “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card In Latest Roundup

Just a bunch of perps who usually went directly to jail

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: October 31, 2014

NOVEMBER 3--This week’s mug shot roundup is bookended by a pair of Halloween revelers who ended up in handcuffs (that were not part of their respective costumes). Leading off is a Florida man who was arrested early Saturday in his Boy Scouts uniform. After being found passed out in his car, the 24-year-old was collared for resisting an officer without violence. As for the remaining perps, a few notes:

1) The Chicago man, 56, on page #3 was nabbed Tuesday for prostitution; 2) Following his bust Tuesday for pot possession, the 20-year-old Floridian on page #6 did, in fact, go directly to jail; 3) The tattoo enthusiast, 69, on page #9 was photographed following his arrest for robbery with a deadly weapon; 4) The Michigan woman, 21, on page #11 was pinched Thursday for extortion; 5) The Florida man, 30, on page #12 was popped for burglary and criminal mischief. As for the tar on his face, he was apprehended while hiding on the roof of a convenience store; 6) The topless Florida pensioner, 67, on page #13 was busted Monday for drunk driving; and 7) The Michigan woman, 33, on page #14 was jailed Friday while awaiting arraignment. Judging by her body makeup, she may have dressed up as a ghoul, beast, or sexy zebra. (14 pages)