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Some Call Their Lawyers, Some Call The Air

Perp seems to remind cops he’s entitled to one call

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: 11/14/14

NOVEMBER 18--This week’s mug shot roundup opens with an expressive Michigan gent, 20, who was arrested Wednesday for felonious assault. As for his fellow suspects, a few notes:

1) Following his collar Sunday for trespassing, the Floridian on page #2 apparently used his hand telephone to call a bail bondsman; 2) The tongue on page #3 is owned by an Ohio man, 32, who was jailed for persistent disorderly conduct; 3) Jailers needed to offer some gloved direction to the Arkansas man, 56, on page #4. He was busted Tuesday for public intoxication and refusing arrest; 4) Yes, the Arizona man, 39, on page #6 was blue after being pinched Tuesday for assault with a deadly weapon and criminal damage; 5) The 31-year-old Floridian on page #11 was nabbed Tuesday for domestic battery; 6) The perturbed Floridian, 34, on page #13 was arrested for disturbing the peace and assaulting a cop. Which, somehow, does not come as a surprise; and 7) When a suspect gets charged with battery on a cop and resisting arrest, they often end up with bandages. Just like the 35-year-old man on page #14, who was popped Wednesday by Florida cops. (14 pages)