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Why Did The Arrestee Wear A Diaper To Jail?

Because he didn't want to get his mug shot soiled

Mug Shot Roundup

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11/30/12 Mug Shots

DECEMBER 3--The Arizonan, 33, who leads off this week’s mug shot roundup was bagged Monday on several charges, including trespassing and criminal damages. His headwear was likely required due to unexpected expectoration. As for his fellow arrestees, some notes:

1) Busted for theft and interference with police, the Oregon man, 22, on page #3 put his hands up for a second time when posing for his booking photo; 2) The 24-year-old Oklahoman seen showing a little tongue on page #4 was popped Saturday for drunk driving; 3) The Chicago gent, 43, on page #7 was nabbed Saturday for prostitution; 4) Yes, that does appear to be a tattoo thong on the Floridian on page #8. She was arrested for domestic battery; 5) The Idaho man, 31, on page #11 was jailed Monday for trespassing and resisting. His neck tattoo makes him an ideal candidate for next year’s MLB Fan Cave; 6) Nabbed Tuesday for aggravated assault, the 70-year-old Georgia woman on page #12 was collared in her curlers; and 7) The Arizona man, 29, on page #17 was arrested Sunday for trespassing. Those bandages were likely required post-arrest. (17 pages)