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Suspect Holds It Together With Duct Tape

Blue lips, devilish nip highlight latest mug shot roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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December 7, 2012

DECEMBER 10--The dapper Floridian, 50, who kicks off this week’s mug shot roundup was busted Tuesday for drunk driving and damage to property. As for his fellow perps, some notes:

1) The 21-year-old Oklahoman on page #2 was collared Sunday for drunk driving. And, no, we don’t know what is smeared on his face; 2) Nabbed for cocaine and pot possession, the 32-year-old Florida man on page #4 shares a nipple with that devil on his chest; 3) The blue-lipped lovely, 25, on page #5 was popped Sunday by Georgia cops for carrying an altered driver’s license and violating probation; 4) The 18-year-old Ms. Pac-Man fan on page #10 was jailed on a drug possession rap; 5) Arrested for narcotics possession, the 29-year-old Louisiana woman on page #13 has found a new use for duct tape; and 6) The smiling Oklahoma man, 48, on page #14 was jailed Wednesday for domestic abuse. (14 pages)