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Yes, Getting Busted Sucks Really Hard

Teen collared twice leads off mug shot roundup

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Yes, Getting Busted Sucks Hard

NOTE: This week’s booking photo roundup can be viewed two ways:

I) Click here to page through the photos in old school TSG style. In the upper right corner of each page you’ll find a description of the criminal charge(s) leveled against the suspect.

II) To look at the booking photos in a lightbox, just click the image beneath the “View The Document” arrow at left. When you mouse over the respective photos, the charged crime(s) will appear in a small box.

Now here’s the intro:

AUGUST 20--The 18-year-old Kansan who kicks off this week’s booking photo roundup was busted last Friday for failing to pay a ticket issued after she was found in possession of fireworks. Judging by that mark on her neck, it was the second time she had been collared.

As for our remaining suspects, a few notes: 1) The native Bostonian, 39, on page #2 was photographed last week after being held as a witness in a court case. We don’t want to know where he’s hiding the Celtics tat; 2) The 27-year-old Florida woman an page #4 was, no surprise here, popped on a drunk driving rap. The Tampa resident, who works at a massage studio, registered a .191 on a Breathalyzer test, more than twice the legal limit; 3) The overalled Arkansan, 67, on page #13 was busted Monday for allegedly tampering with evidence; and 4) The 49-year-old Florida dad on page #16 was popped, as it were, Tuesday for drunk driving. (16 pages)

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