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Trial Looms For Duo In Sex At Home Case

Naked couple caught trysting in front of their kids

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Kitchen Floor Couple

JUNE 30--A Massachusetts couple arrested for having sex on the kitchen floor while their four crying young children looked on appears headed to trial on felony charges, according to court records.

Adis Negron, 29, and Elias Alicea, 39, have each been charged with open and gross lewdness in connection with last year’s incident in their Springfield home. Following a court appearance yesterday, a final pretrial hearing has been set for late-August for the pair, who have opted for a jury trial.

As detailed in a troubling Springfield Police Department report, cops were dispatched to the unmarried couple’s residence after receiving a 911 call about an “unknown disturbance.” When officers arrived at the home they “could hear several children crying and yelling” from inside the house.

After cops repeatedly knocked on the front door, the couple’s seven-year-old son--who had tears rolling down his face--appeared at a window. The boy subsequently opened the door and officers entered the residence.

When cops reached the kitchen, they spotted Negron and Alicea having sex on the floor. The naked Negron was atop Alicea, “who was also naked with his underwear down to his ankles.”

As the couple trysted, their three daughters--ages 11, 5, and 3--were “all visibly upset crying, sobbing and tears rolling down their faces while looking at their parents actions.” A police report notes that Negron was pregnant at the time of her arrest.

Upon spotting the police, Negron and Alicea ceased having sex. Alicea reportedly cursed and screamed at officers and told Negron, “Babe, go put on some fucking clothes. I don’t want these pigs to look at you.” Alicea was subsequently taken to the ground and handcuffed after he struck two patrolmen.

During police questioning, Negron initially denied having sex in front of the children. She later apologized, saying, “Sorry, it just happen. We had a lot to drink today.” When told that officers would be filing a report with child welfare officials, Negron replied, “Oh, is okay. They know who I am.”

Negron and Alicea--each of whom is free on a personal recognizance bond--face a maximum of three years in state prison if convicted of the lewdness charge. (2 pages)