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Strip Club Visits Trigger Near Castration

Cops: Woman pulled knife on husband during intimacy

Pocket Knife

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Castration Attempt

FEBRUARY 2--Angered by her husband’s visits to “titty bars,” a Wisconsin woman held a knife to the man’s genitals in an apparent threat to castrate him, according to police.

Maria Casarez, 39, is facing a disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon rap in connection with the January 14 incident, according to a Circuit Court criminal complaint. Casarez is seen at right in a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office mug shot.

Investigators report that Casarez and her husband Benjamin had returned to their home after an evening of drinking at Greythunder’s Bar when “they started getting intimate.” As she was “going down” on her completely disrobed spouse, Casarez somehow retrieved a pocket knife.

With the weapon in her right hand and Benjamin’s testicles in her left hand, Casarez allegedly “brought the knife to the testicles and made contact with the point of the knife.” Startled, Benjamin sat up, knocked the knife out of his wife’s hand, and said, “How dare you!” He later called police.

When questioned by deputies, Casarez “complained of marital problems,” noting that she was upset by Benjamin’s “recent visits to ‘Titty Bars.’” Investigators helpfully described those bars as “establishments which feature nude female dancing.” Casarez said that she “decided to scare him by placing a knife to his genitals.”

A sheriff’s deputy recovered the knife from the couple’s bedroom, where Casarez submitted to a Breathalyzer test that showed her blood alcohol content to be .125. Casarez, free on bond, is scheduled for a February 21 court status conference. (2 pages)

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To everyone who is saying that this lady is ugly, lucky to be married, etc, has it ever occurred to you that her husband might be equally ugly? I work at a stripclub and a lot of the male customers are hideous. Just sayin!
It's a shame that the marriage had to end that way. You threaten to castrate your husband for a silly thing like that, its no wonder she's locked up.
where did she go back to?the same man?
I worked as a waitress in a high end club to help pay my university (Never had the guts to shake my money maker.) and this experience taught me that a strip club is nothing to get your nose out of joint about, ladies. 90 percent of the fellas don't get lap dances and with the regulations in regards to exotic entertainment, in most states, there isn't a whole hell of a lot being shown on the stage. If you're married to the average fellow he only goes to a strip club when some kid from the office becomes of age and on Thursdays for the NY striploin special, anyway. No need to be threatening a man's bestest buddy just because he's hungry and it's within walking distance of the customer parking lot.
wonder what delightful pic her husband presents usually they travel in pairs
By looks at this woman, she is lucky to even be married.
I wouldn't this with your penis. Look at her, do you blame him for wanting to see another woman that didn't give him baby vomit everytime he look at them? What a winner.
He had to go to the titty bars or this woman would never get sex.
re:smoking fun - did you mean "roll fun" as in FAT ROLLS - haha! ewwww how gross is this bee-yatch?? can you imagine how insipid the husband must be - it's all just so very sad - cg
If my wife were that ugly, I'd cut off MY OWN DICK!
"Maria did not feel that her concerns were being validated" and Benjamin "told her 'How dare you!' and added that she had been watching too much television." This has to be the politest fight that has ever occurred as a result of someone pointing the blade of a knife at the scrotum of a fully naked man. Methinks he doth received his comeuppance.
They only tell you about the bad parts of drug use in their "Just Say No" campaigns. They never tell you how docile and refined you become on two bottles of Thunderbird and a couple of grams of weed.
he would have had to been drinking heavily to make that thing look attractive. If my wife was that fugly I'd spend all night at titty bars too.
If Benjamin was dumb enough to marry this drunken cow, then he deserves her.
Just a little roll playing for a married couple.... or perhaps she was making "lamb fries" but didn't have enough for the recipe.