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Cops: Man Had Teen Girl Sign Sex Slave Contract

Deal allegedly struck in return for purchase of car

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Teen Sex Slave

OCTOBER 4--In return for purchasing a used car for her friend, a Florida Man allegedly had a 17-year-old girl sign a contract stipulating that she “would be his sex slave twice a week on Mondays and Fridays for the next five years,” according to investigators who have charged the 66-year-old defendant with having sex with a minor.

Andrew Mustapick, a Vero Beach resident, was arrested last week on the felony charge and subsequently released on $50,000 bond. The twice-divorced Mustapick, who operates a computer repair business, is scheduled for arraignment on October 25.

A judge has ordered Mustapick (pictured above) to have no contact with the teenage victim.

As detailed in an arrest affidavit, the victim, who has since turned 18, recently contacted police to report that she had been victimized by Mustapick beginning in June 2020.

The teenager, identified by her initials in court records, said she met Mustapick last year through a friend, who was 19 at the time. Mustapick, the victim said, “agreed to purchase a car for [her friend] in exchange for sexual favors.”

After picking out a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta at a Fort Pierce dealership, the teens returned with Mustapick to his residence, where he asked the older female to take her clothes off. The victim told cops that her friend refused to disrobe, but instead “convinced her to perform the sexual favors on Andrew because she knew she would do anything for her.”

The victim said that once she agreed to “proceed with the sexual favors,” Mustapick “had her sign a contract that he had written up before they began their sexual encounter.” The teenager, who told police she did not have a copy of the document, recalled “a clause within it stating she would be his sex slave twice a week on Mondays and Fridays for the next five years.” The contract also detailed “the hours she was expected to spend with Andrew and what sexual favors she was to perform.”

The victim said she had three separate sexual encounters with Mustapick. On the last two occasions, she was taken to his home (seen above) by her friend, who was driving the Volkswagen. The title to the vehicle, cops discovered, was in the names of Mustapick and the victim’s friend.

Following her third sexual encounter with Mustapick, the victim said she no longer wanted to “proceed with the terms of the contract” and never returned to his residence. Asked what became of the Volkswagen, the victim told cops that Mustapick “took the vehicle back” in response to her “failing to uphold her end of the contract.” Motor vehicle records reviewed by police showed that the car was sold in late-August 2020 and “titled out of Andrew and [the older female’s] name.”

The victim provided police with videos from her phone showing her engaged in sexual conduct with Mustapick. The clips were recorded at Mustapick’s residence, according to GPS data included in the video file, cops say.

During a series of phone conversations last month, Mustapick asked the victim if she had finished high school and told the teen to “call or text him anytime.” During a phone conversation in late-September--which was monitored and recorded by police--the teen claimed to be interested in entering into another contract. “Yea, sounds interesting to me,” Mustapick replied.

When the victim said there were “a few things that I really didn’t want to do,” Mustapick interrupted her and said, “Now that’s, sweetheart, I only put those things down in order to, it was a cover my ass kind of thing.” Asked what he meant, Mustapick said, “Well, just in case anything turned legal.” When the victim sought to discuss the details of their original contract, Mustapick balked, saying, “I’m not willing to talk about things like this on the telephone, if you get me. This is something that can only be discussed in person.”

In a September 21 police interview, the victim’s friend, now 20, said that Mustapick had “propositioned her in exchange for sexual favors in exchange for the new vehicle,” but that she had turned him down. She said that she “assumed that [the victim] engaged in sexual activity with Andrew because she refused to.” The woman, who is listed as a witness in the arrest affidavit, said she was unaware of the sex slave contract and had not witnessed Mustapick and the victim engaged in sexual activity. (5 pages)