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Crackhead Caminiti Cries: I Was Misquoted

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Crackhead Caminiti Cries: I Was Misquoted

When TSG read this week that retired baseball star Ken Caminiti told Sports Illustrated that he improperly used steroids--and estimated that a majority of Major Leaguers were on the juice--we started counting the hours until the ex-All Star disavowed his comments or claimed to be misquoted.

It took about 48.

According to ESPN, a "despondent" Caminiti told the network Thursday (5/30) that baseball was "mostly a clean sport" and that he actually had no idea how many players were using illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Really, what would you expect from a guy who, just a few months ago, got popped for huffing on a crack pipe in a Houston hotel room?

In March, Caminiti pleaded guilty to felony cocaine possession and was placed on three years probation, fined $2000, and directed to perform 200 hours of community service. A judge also ordered him to continue undergoing psychiatric counseling, submit to a drug/alcohol evaluation, and remain in a 12-step program.

So it seems that Caminiti has a few problems to work through (and that's not even counting the fact that his testicles have shriveled to the size of a Sun-Maid raisin).

Here you'll find Caminiti's recent mug shot profile and a Harris County District Court plea sheet, which the ex-slugger signed with the kind of looping flourish usually reserved for souvenir baseballs and 8x10 glossies. (2 pages)