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Baseball clown Bob Uecker claims stalking by 45-year-old woman

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Juuust A Bit Out There

UPDATE: In October 2006, after a Milwaukee judge issued a permanent restraining order barring Ann Ladd from approaching Bob Uecker and attending Milwaukee Brewers games, a felony stalking charge against the Illinois woman was dismissed. The judge's order reportedly satisfied Uecker and prompted the Milwaukee district attorney to drop its criminal case.

JUNE 2--Further proving that just about everyone has a stalker, baseball funnyman Bob Uecker got a restraining order yesterday against an Illinois woman who allegedly has been pursuing the Milwaukee Brewers announcer for years. In a detailed sworn affidavit (a copy of which you'll find below), Uecker, 71, charges that 45-year-old Ann Ladd's behavior has "resulted in repeated and serious invasions of my personal privacy." As described in Uecker's Wisconsin Circuit Court filing, Ladd began seeking autographs from the ex-Major League catcher about six years ago. In subsequent years, Ladd has approached Uecker at ballparks, stayed in the same hotel as the broadcaster, and sent packages to him at his homes. While not alleging that Ladd has ever threatened him, Uecker (who starred in TV's "Mr. Belvedere") contends that her "pattern of harassment has escalated in both frequency and intensity." As evidence, he points to an incident last week in Pittsburgh, when Ladd approached him at a hotel pool and asked if she could wave to him. In letters to Uecker (one of which can be found here), Ladd has sought a few minutes with the announcer to discuss "two projects" that emphasize "humanitarian factors." Ladd has been ordered to stop contacting Uecker and stay 500 feet away from him, his car, and his home. The Prospect Heights, Illinois resident did not return a TSG message left at her residence. (12 pages)

6/30 UPDATE: Accused stalker Ann Ladd was arrested last week on a felony charge of harassing Milwaukee Brewers announcer Bob Uecker. Ladd, pictured in the mug shot at right, has been ordered to stay away from Uecker and any ballpark where the Brewers are playing.