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In New York, No Need For "Speed"

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In New York, No Need For "Speed"

Here's an audio daily double:

1) NBA star Jason Kidd embroiled in "wife-beater" controversy.

2) Most New Yorkers refer to the slow-moving Long Island Expressway as the "World's Largest Parking Lot." But Elizabeth Jordan, a 25-year-old medical technician, isn't one of them. In a scene straight out of "Speed," Jordan was driving yesterday morning (5/29) when she suddenly became unable to disengage the accelerator or apply the brakes on her 1994 Chevy Blazer. As she climbed to 85 mph in the rush-hour traffic, Jordan phoned 911 in a desperate bid for help, telling the operator, "There are cars in front of me and I'm going to hit someone." Her harrowing commute, though, came to a safe end thanks to the automotive intercession of Edwin "Keanu" Hernandez, a Suffolk County highway cop. Hernandez positioned his cruiser in front of Jordan's auto and allowed her to bump his car until the runaway SUV slowed to a stop, ending the woman's eight-minute scare. Click below to listen to a five-minute chunk of Jordan's incredible 911 call.

Click here for an MP3 of the 911 call.