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Wedding Crash Was Last Dance For Woman, 46

Floridian sought to dance with newlyweds

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Wedding Crasher

NOVEMBER 13--A female wedding crasher was arrested Sunday evening after barging onto the dance floor at a Florida Lions Club while “the bride and groom were having their last dance,” police report.

Investigators charge that Christine Chandler, 46, slipped into the Treasure Island venue around 10 PM Sunday. The uninvited Chandler, who lives across the street from the club, “entered through a gate on the side of the building.”

Once inside, Chandler “proceeded to enter the dance floor and began dancing while the bride and groom were having their last dance.” Guests asked Chandler to leave and “guided her towards the exit.”

Seen above, Chandler departed the Lions Club, but subsequently “returned and entered the middle of the dance floor,” which was filled with wedding guests.

Chandler was again escorted to the front exit, where she was encountered by police. Witnesses told cops that Chandler was “belligerent” and caused a scene at the reception. “I’m not fucking going anywhere,” Chandler reportedly said when asked to leave the property.

Charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, Chandler was released from jail Monday afternoon upon posting $150 bond. Chandler’s rap sheet includes numerous arrests, including collars for battery; theft, trespass; disorderly conduct; disorderly intoxication; burglary; and resisting arrest. (1 page)