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Rules Stickler Threatened Florida Golfers

Man, 74, pointed BB rifle over cart violation

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Golf Rules Stickler

APRIL 20--Angered that a group of golfers was violating rules on the course adjacent to his home, a 74-year-old Florida Man allegedly threatened the players with a BB gun, prompting the septuagenarian’s arrest Friday evening on six felony charges, records show.

According to cops, John Robert Orr initially shouted at the golfers for driving their cart over a bridge and onto the putting green at the 8th hole of The Conservatory course in Palm Coast. The 199-yard, par three hole features an island green and is touted as the “signature hole” of the Tom Watson-designed course.

Seen above, Orr lives in a home that backs up to the hole, though the residence is separated from the course by a cement wall and the water that surrounds the green.

One of the golfers told police that Orr yelled at them to leave the course and that “use of the golf cart in that manner was against regulations of the golf course,” according to a charging affidavit.

Orr then allegedly went into his home and “grabbed a firearm and pointed it at” the six golfers, each of whom said he was in fear for his life. The firearm brandished by Orr, cops charge, was a Winchester BB gun rifle. In video and photos taken by one of the golfers, Orr is reportedly seen holding the weapon “in the upright shooting position towards” the golfers.

During police questioning, Orr said that the golfers “had drove their golf cart onto the bridge and putting green which is against golf course rules.” Orr said that after arguing with the golfers, he went inside his home and unsuccessfully sought to contact the course’s “Golf Rangers” to report the infraction.

Orr said that he then went outside with his air rifle and “continued the verbal altercation.” Asked if he held the rifle “in the upright shooting position or aimed down the sights toward anyone,” Orr replied that he “could not remember.” He also could not recall his intentions when retrieving the rifle, only that he “did not appreciate the way the golfers were shouting back at him and his wife.”

After Orr turned over the BB rifle to police, he was arrested on multiple counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, a felony. He was booked into the county jail, from which he was released Saturday afternoon upon posting bond. (3 pages)