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Police: Man Shot Roommate Over Hot Pocket

Victim had consumed remaining frozen snack

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Hot Pockets Pistolero

MAY 23--A Kentucky man shot his roommate in the buttocks after the victim ate the last Hot Pocket in the freezer, according to cops who arrested the gunman for assault.

As alleged in a court citation, Clifton Williams, 64, and the male victim got into an argument Saturday evening in the Louisville residence they share. “Victim states his roommate Mr. Williams got mad he ate the last Hot Pocket,” an officer noted.

When Williams “began throwing tiles at him,” the victim told police, “he then attempted to fight back by trying to ‘beat his ass.’”

The victim said that when he began to depart the property, Williams retrieved a handgun from inside the home and came back outside. The man said he yelled, “Don’t shoot,” but Williams “shot him in the ass while he was trying to leave.”

The roommate told police he fled a few blocks from the home to get help. The man, who survived the shooting, was transported to the University of Louisville Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Pictured above, Williams was arrested four hours after the shooting and charged with felony assault. He is being held in lieu of $7500 bond at the Jefferson County jail.

The court citation does not indicate what flavor of Hot Pocket triggered the snack-related shooting. (1 page)