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Patron Arrested For McDonald's Condiment Attack

Restaurant manager unharmed during fusillade

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Condiment Battery

OCTOBER 13--A McDonald’s customer is facing a battery charge for allegedly pelting a restaurant employee with condiment packets during a late-night confrontation, Florida police report.

Christopher Clark, 40, allegedly became so disorderly Sunday night inside a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg that he was asked to leave the eatery by manager Aaron Newton.

In response to the eviction attempt, Clark “threw a handful of package condiments” at Newton, according to an arrest affidavit. Newton “did not sustain any injuries” as a result of the fusillade, which surely included ketchup projectiles.

Clark--who was not under the influence of alcohol during the 10 PM incident--was subsequently collared by a St. Petersburg cop and charged with misdemeanor battery.

After spending 18 hours in jail, Clark was released last night on his own recognizance.

A Circuit Court judge has ordered Clark to stay away from the McDonald’s where the condiment attack is alleged to have occurred. He is also barred from having any contact with Newton. (1 page)