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Senior Vigilantes Suspected In Spray Painting

Victim's cars tagged with "No Kids" at adult community

Yellow Spray Paint

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"No Kids" Vandal

NOVEMBER 21--A Florida man who lives in a 55-and-over gated community called cops last week after his two cars were spray painted with the words “No Kids,” apparent neighborly retribution for his four-year-old granddaughter occasionally staying at his residence.

Bhaskar Barot, 63, resides at the Woodfield “adult community” in Vero Beach, according to an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office report.

Barot told a deputy that upon departing his home last Thursday morning, he discovered that both of his Toyotas “had been spray painted with the words ‘No Kids’ in yellow spray paint.” The phrase had been written multiple times on the vehicles.

An investigator spoke with “numerous neighbors,” but was unable to generate leads as to the vandal’s identity. Additionally, Barot’s home--and those of his neighbors--are not outfitted with security cameras.

Barot, seen at left, explained to a deputy that he “baby sits his granddaughter sometimes and people think the granddaughter lives at the location.” This impression has resulted in complaints being lodged against him with the homeowners association, Barot added.

Community rules stipulate that children are not allowed to stay at Woodfield residences for more than 30 days a year. Barot told TSG that he has not violated this rule, adding that his grandchild has never been disruptive and has only played quietly when outside the house.

Barot said that he moved to the gated community in late-2006 after undergoing heart transplant surgery. Expecting to “stay in peace,” he wondered, “Why would they pick on me?”

The gray-on-gray vandalism was categorized by sheriff's investigators as misdemeanor criminal mischief. The case has been placed in an “inactive” status since no suspects could be identified. (2 pages)