MUG SHOTS: Funny Faces

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I'm going to be sharing a bunk with big Tasha, might as well laugh my only straight laugh.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was holding that pee for hours.
I was gonna go out and find me a job....but then I got high!!!
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You'll never find the body..."
Celllllllllllabrate good times, COME ON!!!!
"Okay, jokes over got me, Kutcher ...hahaha, I done been punked, come on out, now."
"Don't tickle me there....DON'T tickle me there....I'll pee....I"ll PEE"
lol.. good one!
Praise Jesus! Ye all shall be healed! Let me hear it one time!
Ha Ha! Now that's a good one!