MUG SHOTS: Funny Faces

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....moments before this man sucks a big fat one. he's got to get his game face on...
Dam, do farts have lumps, because I think I just shiat my pants.
"I dun put da voodoo chicken curse on you all, good luck wit dat."
Dem mofo thieves dun took mah car, mah wallet AND MAH AH-LIDS...SEE!!
"Who you calling bug-eyed?"
When I seen her big ol' booty slidin' cross the highway, I said "Jesus Lord, what you be givin' me?" I ran out and saw that she didn't have just a big ol' booty, she had man-junk! That sh*t was freaky, and I ain't been right, since!
You want ME to take a drug test is it cause im BLACK!
your gonna stick that where? LMAO
Ill Stare death in the face!!!