MUG SHOTS: Funny Faces

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Dats right biatch, I'll bite that d1ck again.
"You need to stop wasting your time arresting people like me... Weed is on this earth for us to enjoy, why don't you go after them crackheads bitch!"
"Da prices might be rolled-back, but I gotsta haz dem rolled back mo."
What you gone do, put me in jail?!! Pleease!!
hahahahahhaaha!!!! love this...
Oh yeah, he threw my ass out da car at 90 ... man, these tired old legs ain't used to runnin' dat fast. $50 lets you see the skid marks on my big ol' booty. C'mon baby.
Don't make me get crazy eyed up in here!
Oh no you di-int!
bitch please!