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Rodney dangerfield called in for a hooker. This is what showed up.
Every day that she looks in a mirror, she will be reminded of her drug-addled and/or alcoholic fueled stupidity. Did she finally go into rehab? Did she get a prison sentence? Doesn't always work the first time, if ever for some if not many people, Lindsey Lohan has the attitude of many addicts and alcoholics, they are arrogant, use their friends and/or family as enablers, and are in perpetual denial. Difference is that LL has the $$$ to avoid becoming jailed for very long (so far) and when released, many become homeless and unemployable b/c of their substance abuse/dependence. W/O money or insurance, it is difficult to get into any non-profit rehab facility as many have at least a 3 months long waiting list for entry, at least in my area.
It's like Frankensteins little sister. All grown up, and hooked on Meth
So much for getting many if any votes from her classmates and being voted as her high school's homecoming queen next fall, sorry!!
Meth + stitches. I have a feeling this wont be the last time.
now wouldn't you like to bring THAT home to your parents....