MUG SHOTS: Tattoos

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Oh, sheeeet, marico, don't mess with my gang, the 155tLSbubcomptonpxcu Familia! We badder than the Mexican Mafia or Sarrenos! We only wears Keds sneakers and tattoo it on our necks.
There is so much going on here i dont even have time to investigate.
This reminds me of a young lady we knew, a pretty blonde than looked just like Sharon Tate until the gangs got ahold of her. They tattooed a clown face on that beautiful is unforgivable.....just sad really.
The "N" in the word COMPTON is backwards.
155...not his IQ, maybe his SAT scores?
i wonder what it says under his eyebrows?
I wanna draw a penis on his chin
If you find this man please call 155715, like indicated in his forehead.
Instead of blowing his hard earned money on tattoos, he should invest of getting that white patch of hair connecting his eyebrows removed.
"Sir? I'm sorry...but did you recently fall asleep at a 'calligraphy' party?"
who the *** has calligraphy party's? ur mom?