MUG SHOTS: Tattoos

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Anorexia is not pretty...
What a tool....way too many teeth in that jaw.
Maybe he ran out of money to complete the other side of his face...
I was taking a piss next to this guy at the walmart and I was like wtf ? And the guy on his left was like dude,, why you freaking? Then he turned to wash his hands an I was like where did he go? And the other guy was like wtf !
HaHaHa wooo!! good one!!
He paid money for that? I think you would have to pay me to get something like that put on my face. Doesn't look good in a job interview at McDonalds.
I always wonder how soon after getting tats like this these morons tell themselves "S**t!! I may as well be a criminal 'til I die now."
Kids dont do meth...
so sir do you have any identifying marks on your body? No not really.
What an a hole
This is why I don't like X ray's
he was pronounced Dumb On Arrival
really??? omg the things people tattoo on themselves
Well thats's awkward.
Typical Misfists fan.
What's that you say, unemployed? ....... SHOCKER !
I too was a fan of He-Man...but this guy takes Skeletor fandome to a whole new level... ps...Skeletor NEVER won...