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Kevin Federline

Considering how few tickets and albums Kevin Federline sells, we're surprised that Britney Spears's estranged husband has enough juice to demand anything more than tap water and a sleeve of Ritz crackers backstage.

But the purported rapper actually has a rider that requires his dressing room to be stocked with Jack Daniel's, Grey Goose vodka, a gourmet cheese tray, and aromatherapy candles. However, it is unclear what the "Beer??" entry means on the rider. Additionally, Federline, 28, needs someone to purchase his smokes for him (two packs of Marlboros).

Finally, in what may be a further indication of the young couple's irreconcilable differences, Federline demands a bag of Doritos, either regular or cool ranch flavored. Spears, on the other hand, is reportedly very fond of Cheetos. (1 page)

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