Luciano Pavarotti

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Luciano Pavarotti Rider

Luciano Pavarotti

Christ, what a load this Luciano Pavarotti is!

Why do we think he'd make an exception to that "no distinct smells" edict if the offending odor was emanating from a heaping plate of prosciutto and mozzarella? As for his other backstage and hotel demands, TSG has flagged a few of our favorites.

Here's hoping that Luciano's remaining tours are filled with sturdy bed boards and soft toilet paper. (5 pages)

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C'mon guys, the man has been dead for four (4) years....Let it go.

Random Demands

Starkist Tuna Packages

Lady Gaga wants her tuna in a pouch. That's a backstage demand, not a dirty song lyric.

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