Rihanna '08

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Rihanna '08 Rider


Pop star Rihanna's 2008 tour rider details her need for a "5 star premium" hotel and a fully stocked dressing room complete with a "professional make up mirror." And in case promoters were unfamiliar with such mirrors, Rihanna helpfully includes a color photo for comparison purposes.

Rihanna (real name: Robyn Fenty) also needs two Trish McEvoy candles ("Light and fruity glass incased!"), "good quality" tortilla chips, and "fire hot" crunchy Cheez Doodles. The rider also notes (warns?) that Rihanna may also ask for hard-boiled eggs at any time before a show.

With regard to security, the document notes that concertgoers were barred from bringing political banners into a venue. Also, a "Crowd profile" makes it seem that the Rihanna audience is rather lethargic. Grading on a scale of one (quiet) to 10 (chaotic), the singer's followers are judged to be a two. Not surprisingly, the rider notes, there has been "No History of crowd disorder." (4 pages)

Random Demands

Two (2) Cans Of Pringles

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