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T-Pain Rider


To deliver a top-notch performance, the rapper T-Pain needs a couple of things: his trusty Auto-Tune processor and two bottles of Gran Patrón Platinum tequila, which costs about $200 per bottle and is "triple distilled then aged to perfection."

T-Pain's tequila comes in handmade crystal bottles that are "hand polished, hand signed and numbered with an etched label." And, of course, each 750ml bottle is "surrounded by velvet and embraced in a hand-made, violin quality, curly maple wood box," according to Patrón's manufacturer. This is just the kind of premium libation required by your average 23-year-old hip-hop star. (2 pages)

Random Demands

Six (6) Cotton Boxer Shorts

Rage Against the (Washing) Machine? Tom Morello & Co. need new underwear nightly.

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