Face Behind The Name: Meet Matthew Riskin Bean, Convicted 4chan Cyberstalker

Meet Matthew Riskin Bean.

The 20-year-old New Jersey man was sentenced last week to 45 days in prison and five years probation for his role in a cyberbullying campaign carried out by denizens of 4chan.org, the infamous, and often malicious, online cabal.

Bean, who pleaded guilty in September to a felony stalking count, admitted e-mailing sexually explicit photos of a boy to administrators at the victim’s school. The minor had previously uploaded the naked photos to a chat room, and the 4chan mob set out to identify the teen and drive him to suicide. In his e-mail to school administrators, Bean masqueraded as the "concerned mother" of another boy at the school, stating that "this sort of behavior” was unacceptable.

In a reversal of roles, Bean’s photo was made public by the United States Marshals Service, which released this mug shot in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

In court filings, Bean’s lawyer claimed that his client’s small stature--the felon is 5’ 4” and 110 lbs--could make him the target of jailhouse sexual abuse. Remarking that it is “important that people understand this is a crime," U.S. District Court Judge Anita Brody sentenced Bean to a nominal prison term, which he is scheduled to begin March 4.

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Don't drop the soap douche bag. That was the longest night/s of his life! LOL
Matthew is about to learn why cyber-stalking gives you a sore ass.
in b4 'Looks liek a jerzoid'. They're gonna trade him among the aryans for a carton of cigarettes. And not the good cigarettes, somewhere between "Maverick" and "Poker".
Sir, I've watched Mr. Bean, I know Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean is a friend of mine. Sir, you're no Mr. Bean. O/T: Seriously? These are the virginal dorks that piss away their days on 4chan? And to do it with a real-life name of "Mr. Bean"? And only 64 inches tall? I mean, that's like a garden gnome. I guess "little man syndrome" got in this guy's little brain. Too bad we can't get to that unibrow auslander Tariq "The Geek" Malik. It would be fun to take a goat herder like that out back and teach him a few things...
How ironic is this??? His lawyer is afraid that he will be a target for jailhouse sexual abuse. Maybe he should have thought of that before he tried his own form of sexual abuse on an unsuspecting young boy. He's lucky he did not get charged with soliciting and sending kiddie porn. What a low life jerk this guy is. He tries to get a kid to commit suicide and we're supposed to feel bad that he may be a victim of sexual abuse in jail?? It is my fondest wish that he ends up everyone's "prom date" for the full 45 days (and nights) he is there. Have a nice time jerk, hey maybe we'll read about your suicide after your "vacation".