Author Of Pedophile Book Says He Has Sold One Copy Of Creepy Title

In an interview today, the author at the center of a controversy about Amazon’s sale of a self-published pedophile’s guide told TSG that he has sold exactly one copy of the book and revealed that he was involuntarily hospitalized following a “mental breakdown.”

Noting that, “I have what they call manic depression,” Phillip Greaves, 47, said that he himself was not a pedophile and that “the best advice I can give a pedophile is accept that masturbation is your best friend.” Greaves’s book, “The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover's Code of Conduct,” last week became available for download in the e-Book format. It costs $4.79.

Speaking from his Colorado home, Greaves said that he was introduced to sex at age seven by a 10-year-old girl. “I learned about oral sex that day,” he recalled. Greaves said that he continued to engage in sexual activity with other children until he was 15, when “my father put the fear of God in me to stop. Most of the children I was with were younger than me at the time,” said Greaves, who is pictured above.

Asked if he had engaged in sexual acts with children as an adult, Greaves first answered “could have,” before stating flatly that he had not engaged in such illegal conduct.

Greaves denied ever being arrested, but revealed that his mental troubles “came to a head about three years ago” when he suffered a “mental collapse.” At the time, Greaves said, he had been working as a nursing home aide.

The breakdown was so severe, said Greaves, that he was involuntarily hospitalized for about nine months, and spent some of that time in a state mental facility. When he emerged from that hospitalization, Greaves recalled that he decided to go back to writing, which he first started doing while in eighth grade.

His pedophile’s guide is a byproduct of that recommitment to craft.

Greaves, who has also recently self-published several other titles available on Amazon, said that he was unaware of criticism of the pedophile book beyond some negative comments posted to the Amazon sale page. He said those critiques were based only on the book’s title since, “I’ve sold one copy so far.”

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This guy is a joke. He can't even write a description of a book without misspelling several words. Each of his 3 or 4 books have two-line descriptions with absolutely terrible spelling. I can only imagine what the text of the books are like.
The one thing we should be thinking about here. Is what kind of PUBLISHING company self publishing or otherwise would actually go so far as to publish his stupid book in the first place. What does it say about them? Some thing's were just never meant to be published and this is one of those thing's..
Could TSG do anymore to help the sales of this book along, even advising readers that it is available for download. Disgusting.