Some Nitwit Is Facing A Felony Collar Over The New Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Police today will be reviewing security camera footage in an attempt to identify the man who yesterday pulled a gun on the manager of a Popeyes in Texas after being told that the restaurant had run out of its new chicken sandwich.

The suspect, cops say, was among a group of two men and three women who arrived at the Houston eatery’s drive-thru window shortly before 9 PM Monday. The prospective diners sought to order the Popeyes chicken sandwich that debuted recently and touched off a sandwich war with Chick-fil-A.

Upon learning that the restaurant was out of the sandwiches, the group exited their vehicle and tried to storm the Popeyes. When stymied by a manager who locked the front door, one man became upset and pulled out a pistol in an attempt to secure a sandwich.

The manager, cops say, again stated that no sandwiches were available, prompting the group to depart the Popeyes in a blue SUV.

According to a Houston Police Department spokesperson, cops will return today to the Popeyes to review footage recorded by cameras inside and outside the restaurant (seen above). If the suspect and his cohorts were recorded, cops will likely release images so that members of the public can help identify them. The gunman faces a felony aggravated assault charge.

No Popeyes employees or restaurant patrons were injured during the incident, which cops initially described as “Male pulled a gun on employees of restaurant after they ran out of chicken sandwich.”