Why So Felonious? "Joker" Arrested On Battery, Firearm Charges

A pedicab driver dressed as "The Joker" and packing a loaded 9mm handgun is facing felony charges after allegedly battering a female customer during a Halloween fare dispute in Orlando, according to Florida cops.

Investigators allege that Brandon Juwan Morris, 30, threw the victim to the ground and then rummaged through her belongings and removed cash from her wallet.

The 2:15 AM incident on November 1 occurred across from Orlando’s City Hall and triggered around 11 separate 911 calls. Morris and Debra Smoot, the victim, apparently argued about a $15 charge.

When cops arrived on the scene, Smoot was found on the ground “crying and yelling” and she “appeared to have swollen legs which were reddish.”

Smoot described her assailant as a black male “dressed as the ‘Joker’ with the word ‘Damaged’ on his forehead." In 2016’s “Suicide Squad” movie, “The Joker,” played by Jared Leto, has such a tattoo.

Two witnesses gave police statements corroborating Smoot’s account of being thrown to the ground and relieved of her money.

Seen above, Morris was quickly apprehended while still in the area on his pedicab. He claimed to not recall any altercation that evening and “constantly stated he did not put his hands on anyone,” an arrest affidavit states.

When Orlando Police Department officers searched Morris, they discovered a Taurus pistol inside an “army green crossbody bag on him.” The gun was “loaded with a magazine and had a round chambered,” a cop reported.

Morris was charged with battery, a misdemeanor, and two felonies: robbery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He was subsequently freed from custody after posting bonds totaling $10,500.