Customer Reached Into Drive-Thru Window And Groped Taco Bell Worker, Cops Charge

A Florida man was arrested early yesterday after he allegedly reached inside a drive-thru window and groped a female Taco Bell employee, cops say.

According to a police report, Philip Guerrero, 38, placed an order around 2 AM and then drove to the pick-up window at the Bradenton restaurant.

Upon arriving at the window, Guerrero “exited from his vehicle and reached inside of the window and grabbed the victim’s left butt cheek.” The Taco Bell worker, Kerri Pasatta, 40, told police that she wanted to press charges (and she provided investigators with a sworn affidavit).

Alcohol, cops noted, was a factor in the alleged Taco Bell groping.

Guerrero was arrested for simple battery and booked Saturday into the Manatee County jail. He was later released from custody after posting $500 bond, and is scheduled for an October 2 court appearance on the misdemeanor charge.

Court records show that Guerrero’s rap sheet includes two prior battery arrests, as well as collars for drunk driving and possession of drug paraphernalia.