Trump Volunteers Tell Florida Cops Of Coming Under Attack While Campaigning

In advance of Donald Trump’s appearance this weekend at a Florida campaign rally, supporters of the Republican presidential candidate have complained to cops that they have been attacked while campaigning for the billionaire.

With Trump scheduled to appear Saturday at the University of Central Florida, his supporters have been positioned on Orlando sidewalks urging people to attend the rally, as well as vote in advance of the state’s March 15 primary.

On Monday, Louis Valls, a 65-year-old Trump volunteer, told police of a confrontation that occurred outside a public library where he had set up numerous campaign signs.

Valls said that “two Hispanic males” exited the library and began taking his Trump signs out of the ground. When he went to confront the duo, Valls added, one of the men “purposely” ran into him and knocked him to the ground. “The males started laughing at Louis and continued to pull out more of his signs,” according to an Orange County Sheriff's Office report.

Valls said that the suspects--who are between 18 and 22--ran off with eight signs, though he later recovered the discarded campaign items on a nearby street. The pair, added Valls, made their escape in a getaway car that was “already running and occupied.”

The alleged offenses listed in the sheriff’s report are theft and battery on a victim over the age of 65.

Another Trump volunteer told deputies that she was struck in the chest by a drink thrown from the window of a passing car.

Irma Bashore, 44, yesterday was outside another Orlando library holding a Trump sign when she “felt an impact to her stomach.” Bashore initially thought she had been hit by a rock, but realized that “her shirt and pants were wet with from what appeared to be a drink from Panera, possibly a cold coffee.”

Bashore said she thought her assailant was driving a “light gray or tan mini-van type vehicle.” A witness told cops that the male suspect threw the drink out the car's passenger window at Bashore, who was left with a welt on her stomach and complained that “the impact hurt.” The incident has been classified as an aggravated battery.