Man, 32, Busted For Alleged Poultry Pelting At Wawa Store

Claiming that his food order was not properly cooked, an aggrieved customer struck a Wawa worker with a piece of chicken “covered in a spicy Nashville sauce that got into the victim’s eye,” say cops who busted the alleged poultry pelter.

The 1:20 AM confrontation yesterday at a Wawa convenience store in St. Petersburg, Florida resulted in the arrest of Daniel Palomino, 32, on a misdemeanor battery charge, according to court records.

Palomino, police say, became upset “because he believed that [the chicken] was not cooked completely.” He then confronted the worker “and responded by throwing the chicken on the victim.”

While the “chicken was covered in a spicy Nashville sauce that got into the victim’s eye,” the Wawa employee did not suffer “bodily harm,” noted cops.

Palomino, who lives about a mile from the Wawa, was under the influence of alcohol when confronted by sheriff’s deputies. Seen above, he was booked into the county jail, from which he was released Sunday afternoon upon posting $500 bond.

The chicken was not seized as evidence, though police did confiscate a baseball bat from Palomino, whose rap sheet includes convictions for cocaine possession; aggravated assault; theft, possession of drug paraphernalia; criminal mischief; marijuana possession; and probation violation.