Ex-Con, 48, Convicted Of "Wet Willy" Attack Is Back Behind Bars

The man convicted of battery after subjecting his longtime girlfriend to a “wet willy” is back behind bars after allegedly violating terms of his probation sentence, records show.

Joseph Sireci, 48, is scheduled for an October 14 probation violation hearing in the Fort Pierce, Florida courthouse. Sireci, who is locked up without bond in the county jail, is accused of refusing weekly urinalysis tests and moving residences without informing his probation officer.

Seen at right, Sireci was arrested last year for battering his 54-year-old live-in girlfriend. The woman told cops she came home from work one evening to find Sireci “drunk laying on the living room floor.” Earlier in the day, the woman wrote in a witness statement, the intoxicated Sireci called her at work and said, “Order me a pizza bitch, now!”

The victim said that Sireci was “arguing with her and being rude” and “began grabbing her hand and pulling on her arm.” He then “continued by giving her a ‘wet willy’ sticking his finger in her ear,” police reported.

When questioned by cops, Sireci admitted he “gave [the victim] a ‘wet willy’ but didn’t mean to upset her.” “Wet willy” is the shorthand term for when a saliva-dampened digit is jammed into the ear of an unsuspecting victim.

Since Sireci’s rap sheet included a burglary conviction--for which he was sentenced to three years in state prison)--the “wet willy” attack was charged as a felony battery.

Sireci pleaded no contest to the charge and was sentenced in December to five years probation and the 126 days in jail he had already served. He was also ordered to pay fines and court costs totaling about $1150.

As part of his probation, Sireci was required to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and submit to weekly urinalysis testing. He was also barred from using any drugs without a prescription, and was not allowed to have any contact with the victim (unless an emergency arose with the pair’s daughter).