Beer-Stealing Donald Trump Fan Has Something To Say About That "Fucking Wall"

Meet Santiago Thomas Parker.

Before the 58-year-old Floridian walked out of a Vero Beach grocery store with a stolen four-pack of Natural Ice beer, he had a message for the Hispanic customers inside the market.

“Donald Trump is going to build that fucking wall and kick all of you mother fuckers out of here,” said Parker, who was born in Germany.

Parker’s bellowing, cops noted, “made the Hispanic customers uncomfortable so much so...that they left the store.” When store manager Sharif Hanson, who is of Arab descent, asked Parker to leave the business, he replied, “Fuck you, Muslim bitch.”

Parker, seen above, was subsequently collared by a sheriff’s deputy for swiping the Natty Ice, valued at $7.71.

Before being arrested for shoplifting and disorderly intoxication, Parker made sure to continue “yelling and screaming racial slurs” at Hanson and customers leaving the grocery, police reported.