Finally! Monica Lewinsky Is Reportedly Prepared To Detail How She Tossed Bill Clinton's Salad

So Monica Lewinsky is reportedly peddling a memoir about her White House career, promising tawdry details that did not appear in “Monica’s Story,” the 1999 authorized biography authored by Andrew Morton.

As reported by the New York Post, the tell-all will describe Bill Clinton’s purported “penchant for kinky sex.”

Which means Lewinsky, 39, is prepared to talk about tossing the 42nd president’s salad.

While the report prepared by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr provides a thorough account of Clinton’s sexual encounters with Lewinsky, some salacious details were redacted from the report prior to its release by the House Judiciary Committee.

For example, the document includes the transcript of Lewinsky’s August 1998 sworn deposition by Starr investigators. At one point, the ex-intern was asked, “On that date did you gratify him in some way other than performing oral sex?” While Lewinsky’s answer to that question--“Yes"--was included in the transcript, six follow-up questions (and Lewinsky’s answers) were excised from the transcript.

However, Lewinsky’s description of how she gratified Clinton can be gleaned from the transcript’s unredacted digest, which includes an alphabetized list of all key words that appear in the Lewinsky deposition. Next to each entry in the digest appears the deposition page and line in which the word appears.

After Lewinsky acknowledged the other-than-oral-sex gratification, she was asked a question (page 20, line 3) that included the words “anus,” “mouth,” “orally,” and “stimulate.” A follow-up question (page 20, line 12) included the words “anus” and “orally.”

By the time Lewinsky was deposed, she had already been interviewed extensively by FBI agents and Starr staffers. Which allowed prosecutors to subsequently question her under oath about some of her more explicit revelations during those sessions with federal investigators.