Florida Man, 23, Arrested After Cop Finds Marijuana Stash In His Bob Marley Backpack

A Florida Man was arrested yesterday after a cop found a mason jar containing marijuana inside a “black Bob Marley backpack” in the suspect’s vehicle.

An arrest affidavit does not indicate what else Samuel Antwoine Bryant, 23, should have been carrying inside his Marley backpack.

Bryant was pulled over around 1:20 PM while driving in St. Petersburg after a sheriff’s deputy determined that his car’s registration was expired (and that the auto had a broken brake light).

Upon approaching the vehicle, Deputy Damarcus Flournoy reported, he detected the smell of pot, prompting a search of Bryant’s ride. The cop discovered “a black Bob Marley backpack” containing a “mason jar with 2 zip lock bags containing a green leafy substance.”    

Bryant was arrested after a field test on the 42 grams of green substance tested positive for marijuana. He was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, a felony. Bryant was released last night from the county jail after posting $2000 bond.

Bryant’s rap sheet includes a 2018 conviction for the same crime for which he was busted yesterday. He was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay fines and court costs in that case.