Cokehead: Jailers Make Surprise Discovery When Prying Wig Off Inmate's Head

While booking a female inmate, Florida jailers discovered “two small baggies of cocaine under her wig which was pasted onto her scalp,” according to a court filing.

Rose Mae Dawson, 30, was arrested Thursday in connection with a prior auto burglary. Seen at right, Dawson was nabbed during a traffic stop in St. Petersburg. In addition to the burglary rap, Dawson was charged for driving with a suspended license and possessing marijuana (two small bags of pot were found in her vehicle).

Cops transported Dawson to the Pinellas County jail, where corrections officers conducted a search that yielded the cocaine hidden under her wig.

The cocaine discovery resulted in two additional felony charges against Dawson--narcotics possession and introducing contraband into a detention facility.

Dawson, locked up in lieu of $12,300 bond, is scheduled today for a court hearing.

Dawson was convicted earlier this year of a misdemeanor charge of failing to have her daughter attend school. She subsequently violated terms of her probation after her daughter continued to rack up unexcused absences. Dawson admitted the probation violation and was ordered to pay $165 in fines and court costs. A May 14 collection notice indicates that she had not “satisfied your fine in full or entered into a payment plan with the clerk’s office.”