Sh*t My Dad Smuggles In His Anus To Me In Prison

After plotting over a monitored telephone with his imprisoned son, a California man traveled to a federal lockup in Colorado and sought to smuggle his offspring a golf ball-sized chunk of black tar heroin that he had wrapped in plastic and stashed in his anus.

The father-son smuggling bid ended Friday night with the arrest of Donald Denney, 56, at the federal prison in Florence, Colorado, where Denney's son is serving a seven-year sentence for bank robbery.

Although it is well-known that telephone conversations at federal prison are recorded, Denney and his incarcerated son, also named Donald, nonetheless allegedly hatched the smuggling plan in a series of calls over the summer. Initially, the heroin was to be brought into the prison by a female accomplice who was to transfer the drugs to Denney via a mouth-to-mouth kiss. That plan was scotched, however, when the Denneys were unable to locate a woman--with a clean record--whose visit would be approved by prison officials.

As a result, the elder Denney--pictured in the above mug shot--was pressed into service.

According to an affidavit sworn by FBI Agent Harry Deal, Denney told his son he would drive to Colorado with the “you know what somewhere in the car,” then transfer it “from my mouth to yours” by kissing his son during a visit. The younger man was then prepared to swallow the heroin, pass it through his system at a later point, and then market the drug to fellow inmates (the Denneys expected to make $22,000 from the spit swap).

But when Denney arrived to visit his son late Friday afternoon, he was intercepted by FBI agents carrying a warrant authorizing a full body search of the smuggling suspect. During a strip search, federal agents spotted “a plastic wrapper protruding from Denney’s anus.” Denney subsequently removed the black tar heroin, which was sealed in “Saran wrap-type” plastic and had been placed inside the severed finger of a Latex glove. In an interview with agents, he confessed to the smuggling scheme and implicated his son in the plot.

Denney, whose rap sheet includes a felony drug conviction, was arrested by FBI agents and charged with possessing heroin with intent to distribute, a felony. His son has not been charged, yet, in connection with the alleged smuggling conspiracy.

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Ummmmmmmm, wouldn't a father french kissing his son have made the prison guards suspicious?
mike v. if you have any info on the where abouts of the twins please let us know. they are our grand babies. we cannot locate their mother, Tammy .She may be in a mental facility or homeless. we are in northern arizona and are at a loss as to what to do. i have contacted news 8 and channel 10 for assistance. any news would be appreciated.......
if this is tammy's mom looking for the twins i have an idea where they are at email me at ******** and i will give you a number to call.
Let me get this straight. First he shoves the heroin up his ass. Next he's going to remove it from his ass and then "transfer" it to his son via a mouth-to-mouth kiss. It's moments like these that I remember the fishing trips I took with my psycho father and actually miss him.
this dude is on the through list! god people like this breed... scary
There's nothing more touching than the bond between a father and son. I think I'll go call my Dad.
this guy lives right behind me in lakeside ca.....this is so funny.....it was really wierd because he always has been riding a bicycle w/ the 2 shining twins(his 6 y.o.ish? girls) , even riding a female (once in a while) on the handle bars....then all of a sudden he has a new chevy hhr..turned out to be a rental....but wierd...then we read this a few days later....haha and he still has the same shirt on...lol..mike v
that is the sweetest story I've ever heard
Authorities should have waited for the Father-son french kiss just for laughs. I nominated him as World's #1 dad. Talk about going to hell and back for your kids, sheesh.
I second that.. Any father willing to stick drugs up his anus, pull them out, put them in his own mouth, and then finally open-mouth kissing his own blood son in order to put them in his son's mouth deserves a nice trophy.. Which he can then take and stick up his anus... ;-)