"Dumbass White Boy From Wisconsin" Led Astray By His Favorite History Channel Series

"I am a dumbass white boy from Wisconsin."

That’s the best Christopher Parker, 24, could offer Chicago cops Wednesday morning after he was pulled over during a traffic stop and officers found a handgun, a stack of cash, and a load of marijuana in his SUV.

Parker, pictured in the mug shot at right, allegedly offered police $100,000 if they would let him go, according to a police report. "I know that’s more than your salary," he said, adding, "Take the car, take the money. I don't care. Just let me walk, bro. Please let me go."

Along with describing himself as a “dumbass,” the Eau Claire resident noted that, "I watch ‘Gangland,’ and I came to the South Side of Chicago to act like a big baller. I borrowed a gun from a friend for protection, and I was scared to be driving down here. I’m on vacation with my family and I have the gun because my girlfriend is scared, too."

[“Gangland” is a History Channel series that focuses on criminal organizations across the United States.]

Along with gun and drug counts, Parker was charged with trying to bribe a cop. He is being held in the Cook County jail in lieu of $90,000 bail.