Chili’s Workers Do Not Talk About Sex And Dildos While You Dine

Meet Derick Reedy.

The Tennessee man was arrested yesterday for a harebrained scheme to defraud a Chili's. According to a Kingsport Police Department report, Reedy admitted fabricating a story that two Chili’s workers were “talking sexually about sex and dildos” while he and his wife were eating.

Reedy, 22, allegedly did this in a bid to extract a refund for the meal (which he never actually had). While a Chili’s manager did not part with cash, he did give Reedy $70 in gift certificates. Subsequently, the manager called cops after he “discovered that the suspect attempted this at several other businesses.”

The targeted Chili's can be seen in this Google Street View photo.

Confronted by police, Reedy “admitted he lied about the incident in an attempt to obtain money or compensation.” He was charged with fraud and transported to the Kingsport jail “for booking and safe keeping.”

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Unfortunately for Reedy, he turned out to be the only dildo in this story.
OMG!! thats my ex! what a loser! he gets what he deserves...
I honestly made an account just to post this comment on here. This idiot has done alot worse stuff than this and finally got what he deserves. Hope he learns he cant always get what he wants lol
Was the Reedy-Greedy pun too obvious?
Yep that sounds like a Reedy alright!
LOL he doesnt look like the brightest bulb in the pack. Idiot.
Wow, I think that is kinda crazy dude. Lou www.be-anonymous.se.tc
jeez - just stick a pube on your plate when you're finished like everyone else does