"No, It's Christmas," Suspect Protests As She Resists Cop's Attempt To Arrest Her

When a Louisiana cop early today informed her that she was under arrest for driving with a suspended license and a probation violation warrant, motorist Renee Whiddon would have none of the patrolman’s Scrooge-like attitude.

“No, it’s Christmas,” Whiddon said as she turned away from Deputy Timothy Fischer and began to run from her vehicle, which was pulled over on a street in West Monroe around 4:35 AM.

Whiddon’s getaway was brief, however, as Fischer noted in an arrest affidavit.

“Whiddon made it a very short distance before she ran into a parking lot sign and fell to the ground,” the cop reported.

Seen above, the 34-year-old Whiddon was then handcuffed and transported to jail, where she was booked on several charges, including methamphetamine possession and resisting an officer.

Bond has not been set for Whiddon, so it appears likely she will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas behind bars.

According to court records, Whiddon was arrested in late-October for possession of meth, cocaine, and Suboxone, possession of drug paraphernalia, and illegal possession of a firearm. Those charges are pending.