Drug Suspect, 44, Told Florida Police That His Name Was "Tyler Durden"

The first rule of False Name Club is: You do not claim to be Tyler Durden.

During a vehicle stop late Sunday night in Dunedin, a Gulf Coast city, Florida cops discovered a 9mm handgun, ammunition, and “a trafficking amount of narcotics” inside the auto.

Since the gun and the drugs--heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and Xanax--appeared to belong to a male passenger, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies asked the man to identify himself.

In response, the suspect “provided the name ‘Tyler Durden,’” according to an arrest report. Apparently unaware that “Durden” was a character in the 1999 film “Fight Club,” cops ran the handle through a police database and “were unable to locate a subject by that name.”

Using a fingerprint scanner, police subsequently identified the passenger as Todd Michael Burns, 44, whose rap sheet includes numerous drug convictions, as well as convictions for grand theft, disorderly conduct, violating probation, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Seen above, Burns is currently on probation for a 2019 conviction for meth possession. He is also facing burglary and grand theft charges in another Florida county.

After Burns’s identity was confirmed by cops, he reportedly “admitted to giving a false name due to not knowing why he was being arrested.” Locked up in the county jail, Burns is facing an assortment of felony drug and weapons charges, as well as a misdemeanor count for providing a false name to law enforcement.