Colin Powell Facebook Page Was Hacked By Same Perp Who Broke Into Bush Family E-Mail Accounts

Today’s hack of Colin Powell’s Facebook page was the handiwork of the same individual who illegally accessed e-mail accounts of various members of the Bush family, an intrusion that has triggered a federal criminal investigation.

The hacker, who uses the handle “Guccifer,” this morning began uploading messages on Powell’s page that disparaged George W. Bush. “You will burn in hell, Bush!,” read one post, while another addressed Powell himself as an “ass hole” who would burn in hell for crimes purportedly committed along with Bush and Rockefeller family members.

In another post, the hacker declared “Kill the illuminati! Tomorrow’s world will be a world free of illuminati or will be no more!”

After the former Secretary of State regained control of his Facebook page, he posted a message about the hack and apologized to his followers for “all the stupid, obscene posts that are popping up.” 

In addition to the messages, “Guccifer” uploaded to Powell’s Facebook page screen grabs showing his prior access of e-mail accounts of George W. Bush family members, including his siblings Neil and Dorothy.

As seen above, the screen grabs included photos of two Bush paintings that the 43rd president e-mailed to his sister in December 2012, and a photo that Neil Bush sent to his four siblings in December. The latter image showed George H.W. Bush in his bed at a Houston hospital.

In one post to Powell’s page, “Guccifer” also referenced a photo that purportedly shows George W. Bush “wearing a Ku Klux Klan hat.” The photo, taken by the ex-president, shows a painting of a cat. Bush can be seen in a reflection in a window behind the easel. His face is obscured (and possibly blurred), which the hacker concluded was the result of a white hood.

That photo was among 18 images that the hacker added to a Facebook album on Powell’s page (it was titled “GEORGE ‘DUBYA’ WALKER BUSH HACKING.” The Bush photos were branded with the handwritten “Guccifer” inscription.

In e-mails last month to TSG, “Guccifer” forwarded the “Ku Klux Klan” photo and made references to the Bush family as “puppets of the illuminati.” The hacker also mocked the criminal probe into the Bush hacks. “i can figure out the feds have a finger up their ass; haha.”  “Guccifer” added, “AND TELL THE FUCKING BASTARDS THAT…I NEVER STOP!”

In addition to the illegal Bush family incursions, “Guccifer” also recently accessed online accounts of U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski; a senior United Nations official; security contractors in Iraq; and several former FBI agents.