Contraband Charge For Woman Who Told Jailers She Forgot About The Pills Nestled Between Her Breasts

A female defendant accused of introducing contraband into a Florida jail told investigators that she simply forgot about the stash of sedatives nestled between her breasts, according to a police report.

Rachel Newbury, 51, was busted Friday evening on a warrant charging her with violating terms of a probation sentence she received earlier this year in connection with convictions for theft, battery, larceny, and fraud.

A post-arrest pat down located no contraband on Newbury, who reportedly was warned that the introduction of prohibited items into the Pasco County jail would result in a felony charge.

It was after Newbury arrived at the Land O’ Lakes lockup that jailers located 13 Clonazepam pills "between the defendant’s breasts.” Asked about the sedatives, Newbury, seen above, replied that “she forgot she had them.” Newbury added that the pills, for which she did not have a prescription, “belonged to her husband.”

Newbury was charged with illegal possession of a controlled substance and introducing narcotics into a detention facility, both felonies. She is locked up in lieu of $12,150 bond.

The smuggling of narcotics into the Pasco County jail has been of increased concern since a male inmate died earlier this year of a drug overdose and several other inmates overdosed on methamphetamine that somehow got into the facility.