Goofing Around With The Mug Shot Camera Never Gets Old

Before heading out together to a Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick show last year, some employees of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office snapped photos of each other with the camera used to shoot mug shots of arrestees. One officer looked particularly concert-ready, with a giant hoop earring in one ear, shades, and a prodigious wig.

Somehow, that photo popped up this month in the department’s online listing of inmates. The name of the purported arrestee was listed as Boyd Loveless, an actual systems administrator with the sheriff’s office. His crime was listed as treason, and his weight supposedly topped 700 pounds.

Loveless laughed about the glitch when contacted by a reporter, but declined to identify the officer, who attended the show as a fan, not in an undercover capacity.

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