Meet The Drunk Woman Who Mistook Her Cheeseburger For A Sandal

Meet Rachel Gossett.

The 25-year-old Georgia woman was arrested early Sunday when cops spotted her having sex with Frank Lucas, 27, inside a Dodge truck parked outside a Waffle House restaurant.

As noted by the Loganville Police Department officer who broke up the 1:30 AM encounter, Gossett was pantsless and straddling Lucas in the front seat of the car (which reeked of booze). When confronted by a cop, Lucas pulled up his pants.

Gossett, on the other hand, “jumped into the passenger seat and just sat there,” according to a police report. An officer added, “I had to tell the female numerous times to get dressed before she finally did.”

But that was not a smooth process: “When the female finally got dressed she attempted to put a cheese burger on her foot as if it were a sandal,” reported Officer Joshua Brickle. Yes, that’s right, Gossett mistook a burger for footwear.

Subsequent Breathalyzer tests confirmed the obvious: Gossett’s blood alcohol content level was more than two times the .08 legal limit, while Lucas blew a .154.

“Due to their extremely intoxicated state and their fornicating in a business parking lot,” the argumentative and incoherent Gossett and Lucas (seen above) were arrested for loitering and public drunkenness and transported to the Walton County jail.